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Products | Innovation in Smart Wearable Solutions Allows Fise Technology to Lead a New Trend in the Medical Care and Health Area

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Relying on its keen business sense, supply chain capabilities, R&D advantages, and 14-year innovative strength in the field of mobile communications, since Fise Technology entered the smart wearable market in 2016, it has successively launched wearable devices with low power consumption and long battery life, covering smart watches, TWS in-ear headphones, school nameplates, locators, alarms, and more. It managed to ascend to the leading solution providers of wearable devices in a short time.



Smart watches are the representative work of Fise Technology's wearable smart hardware solutions. It develops product solutions suitable for different consumer groups and partitions its products into series targeted at children that focus on: two-way communication and smart anti-removal features; the -sports and health series with multiple exercise modes and body index monitoring features; and the elderlycare series with health and fall monitoring features.



The epidemic sweeping across the world has changed people's understanding about the concept of health and also requires to add the health monitoring feature to wearable devices. Our product is of great significance to people who value health and love exercise. It is one of the few long-battery-life smart watch solutions that can provide perfect health management + exercise guidance. It has obvious professional advantages among similar competing products. With its arrival, Fise Technology's leading position in the partitioned fields of sports and health watches has once again risen to the next level.



In terms of product innovation and differentiation, Fise Technology breaks through traditional design thinking to build up its own product technical advantages. It also applies 4G Android, Bluetooth, and other multi-platform comprehensive development capabilities to the field of smart watches, raising the industry technology threshold and creating a product technology moat.



In the future, with the rapid development of technologies such as those of chips and sensors, the industry application scenarios of smart wearable devices are expected to become increasingly extensive. Fise Technology's wearable smart hardware solutions will further penetrate into the medical care application fields to perfect application scenarios such as sports health, health screening, instant messaging, mobile payment, and identity ver ification, empower the industry, and grow together with partners.


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