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Fise Intelligence Launched Two Upgraded Core Board Solutions to Optimize the Self-Service Experience and Improve the Traffic Management Efficiency

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With the AIoT field as the focus, providing industrial-grade core board and industry application solutions is one of Fise Intelligence's core businesses. Since 2015, with its strong R&D and innovation strength, Fise Intelligence has launched a series of core board solution products. The superior performance advantages and good cost performance have won wide recognition from customers.


Fise Intelligence's core board solutions are suitable for products such as smart display terminals, video terminals, and industrial automation terminals. The industrial-grade quad-core Android main board solution R70-S2851, launched in July 2020, quickly entered the medium- and low-end smart display markets and became a best-seller.


Following the solution R70-S2851, Fise Intelligence has kept investing in the niche market. Two upgraded main board solutions, namely R10-S8811 and R10-S8821, were launched at the end of September 2020 and early October 2020 respectively.



R10-S8811 is an upgraded version of the main board solution R10-S8810. Compared with the main board solution R10-S8810, R10-S8811 supports dual-screen, which optimizes the self-service experience and is the best choice for human-machine interaction and industrial control projects.


Recommended application fields: It is expected to become a benchmark in the lottery machine industry, and provide customized services and technical support for major industry customers.



R10-S8821 is an upgraded version of R10-S8820. Compared with R10-S8820, R10-S8821 adopts the face recognition algorithm developed by a top algorithm company, which can greatly improve the traffic management efficiency. As a product of industrial-grade quality, R10-S8821 has a metal layer generated by the deposition method. Its passing of various pressure tests renders it stable and reliable. It supports 7 x 24 hours of stable operation. 



Recommended application fields: It can be widely used in fields such as smart channels, intelligent gates, and smart attendance machines that require facial recognition.



In the future, relying on Internet connection technology, Fise Intelligence will continue to make efforts in R&D and innovation and scenario exploration, and thus expand the application area of its products. From the smart display field based on advertising machines and digital signage, it has expanded to the smart channel field represented by intelligent gates and access control, and the smart retail field represented by self-service sales and intelligent payment, as well as the field of artificial intelligence represented by the Skyeye system and the immigration management system. It provides partners with more and better core board product solutions.